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photo Petra Goldman
Galleryphoto Petra Goldman
  • Discussion about Tigran Mansurian

    moderator: Antoni Beksiak

    participants: Tigran Mansurian, Adam Banaszak, Piotr Tkacz


    Musicologist, curator and researcher of traditional music. Co-founder of the association "House of Dance", curated festivals and music projects musician. Songwriter and radio journalism. Completed the project on Biskupiźna (Wielkopolska Rewolucje / "Greater Revolutions"), coordinated by Tabor Wielkopolski / "Greater Tabor" in 2013.


    Tigran Mansurian was born in 1939, in Beirut. On his return to his native Armenia, he soon established his position among other artists of his generation, including Sofia Gubaidulina, Giya Kancheli and Arvo Pärt. Hailing from various Soviet republics, they combined contemporary composition techniques with the musical traditions of their homelands. Tigran Mansurian is renowned as the most brilliant Armenian composer and a genuine ambassador of his country’s music. For many years, he taught at the National Conservatory in Yerevan. Apart from numerous orchestral and vocal works, Tigran Mansurian has also created a number of film scores, including the score for Parajanov’s The Colour of Pomegranates.


    Conductor Adam Banaszak is a graduate of Professor Marcin Sompoliński’s class at the Academy of Music in Poznań. His repertoire focuses on opera and operetta. Since 2006, he has been directing the l’Autunno Chamber Orchestra with whom he has performed at numerous festivals. He has prepared various orchestras to play with some internationally renowned artists, for instance Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe and Placido Domingo. Since September 2013, Adam Banaszak has been the musical director and conductor of Teatr Muzyczny w Poznaniu, and in 2014, he began working with the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok, where he conducts performances of the Fiddler on the Roof.

    Piotr Tkacz

    Born in 1985 in Poznań. He writes not only about music, Piotr organizes concerts and festivals. He performs, records and works in Radio Afera (Affair). Co-founder of bands: Radioda, Revue svazu českých architektů, Stupor, Weavers, Sumpf. He has published, among others, in: "Dwutygodnik", "Glissando", "Fragile", "2+3D", "His Voice", "Czas Kultury".