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scene from HERE
Galleryscene from HERE
  •                                                            “Spectacularly beautiful… evocative… a stunner!”
                                                                 Stephen Holden, The New York Times (Critics’ Pick!)

                                                                                          “Dreamy… Feverish… Captivating!” 
                                                                                                 Karina Longworth, Village Voice

                                                                                               “A sensuous road trip romance!”
                                                                                              Benjamin Mercer, The L Magazine



    ‘To the roads that bring wanderers to us and take them back. May their travels be smooth and their hearts full.’ This is a toast raised by an Armenian host to the film’s main characters, a couple who met by chance and seem completely ill-matched. He is an American mapping engineer contracted to make satellite maps and she is an Armenian expatriate photographer returning to her homeland. Both seem to be in the wrong place, and even as they set out on their journey together, they look at what surrounds them from completely different perspectives. He does not understand anything and is constantly connecting to a satellite, whereas she is trying to connect with her family and understand the surroundings. A road movie crossed with melodrama and comedy, shown at a charmingly lazy pace, featuring ambient music and overexposed shots. The journey will change the characters’ lives, and perhaps, even the lives of some viewers.

  • Director: Braden King
    Writers: Braden King, Dani Valent
    Stars: Peter Coyote, Ben Foster, Datekiv Kharibyan 
    Production: USA, 2011

  • HERE is a love story about being lost.”
    Kit Carson, Screenwriter, PARIS TEXAS

    The HERE screenplay is excellent.  A good read, and unique in so many ways.  Really fine work. Very importantly, the characters are TRUE.”
    Anahid Nazarian, Producer, Francis Ford Coppola’s YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH and TETRO

    I loved reading this script. The atmospheres King and Valent created at every stop made me want to be there; I found the characters remarkable. The images of HERE are unerasable, and are with me often.  It’s a beautiful and ambitious creation – most eloquent.”
    Stewart Stern, Screenwriter, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE

    HERE is a hugely important project for the development of an Armenian film culture. I worked with Braden King when he was at the Sundance Directors Lab; he is a serious and committed artist. I was moved that he found the landscapes and spirit of Armenia so inspiring, and I have no doubt that HERE will be an important and highly regarded work of cinematic art.”
    Atom Egoyan, Writer / Director, ARARAT, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, EXOTICA

    I have known Braden King for over four years; since the inception of this project.  I have no doubt in his ability to bring to Armenia rich and far reaching exposure on the big screen, comparable to Paradjanov and Pelechian.  Armenia deserves a 21st century identity in the film sector by someone like Braden who has high creative standards, sensitive work ethics and such a singular approach to the medium.”
    Neery Melkonian, Independent Art Critic / Curator

    Braden King is a great director of unique hybrid projects that knows how to take cinema into its second century. His current project, HERE, also enjoys the success of the Sundance NHK award and the support of Cannes Atelier.”