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photo William Gedney, New York City 1966
Galleryphoto William Gedney, New York City 1966
  • Discussion about Elliott Carter

    moderator: Antoni Beksiak

    participants: Agata Kwiecińska, dr hab. Krzysztof Moraczewski


    Musicologist, curator and researcher of traditional music. Co-founder of the association "House of Dance", curated festivals and music projects musician. Songwriter and radio journalism. Completed the project on Biskupiźna (Wielkopolska Rewolucje / "Greater Revolutions"), coordinated by Tabor Wielkopolski / "Greater Tabor" in 2013.


    Works at the Department of Artistic Culture Research in the Institute of Cultural studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He focuses on the problems of theory and history of artistic culture, especially musical culture and methodology. Author of the book Sztuka muzyczna jako dziedzina kultury [The music as a domain of culture].

    Agata Kwiecińska

    Music journalist, since 2005 associated with the Pr 2 Polish Radio, originator and host of radio show "Five o'clock", from 2013, Editor in Chief in "Muzykoteka Szkolna" (National Audiovisual Institute). She published also in: "Ruch Muzyczny", "Dwutygodnik", "Tygodnik Powszechny", graduated from Interdepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities, University of Warsaw, where she graduated as a qualified musicologist and lawyer. In the summer tries to spend as much time in a kayak.