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making of ARARAT
Gallerymaking of ARARAT
  •           A dense, passionate drama... As ever, Egoyan assembles a devoted repertory cast.
                                                  "Entertainment Weekly", Lisa Schwarzbaum (11/22/2002)
                                                                                                         A politically explosive film.
                                                                                                                  "The Independent"



    Mount Ararat: a symbol, the highest volcano within the radius of six hundred miles, the resting place of Noah’s Ark, an eternally snow-capped cone visible from any location in Yerevan. Located on Turkish territory, it remains inaccessible. It was in the shadow of Ararat that the tragedy of 1915 took place. Canadian director of Armenian descent Atom Egoyan revisits these events within a double timeframe. The main character (played by Charles Aznavour) is trying to make an epic movie about the Armenian Genocide. But the past keeps reflecting itself in the present: the actors and consultants become involved in conflicts, and reality affects the fact-based fiction. Similar scenes from the set and from the present merge with documentary shots of Ani, the deserted capital of Greater Armenia, and of Lake Van, its once pulsating heart.

  • Director:  Atom Egoyan
    Writer: Atom Egoyan
    Stars:  Charles AznavourBrent CarverEric Bogosian

  • Egoyan creates a dense system of poetic correspondence by editing across time frames, and the impression one has of archetypes echoing through the ages is irresistibly poignant.
    Sight and Sound - Peter Matthews (05/01/2003)

    A complex web of fact and friction that uses a film-within-a-film device to explore issues of truth, guilt and national identity.
    Total Film - Neil Smith (05/01/2003)

    A dense, passionate drama... As ever, Egoyan assembles a devoted repertory cast.
    Entertainment Weekly - Lisa Schwarzbaum (11/22/2002)

    A profound reflection on historical memory... ARARAT is a multilayered work that burrows ever more deeply into its subject as it goes along.
    New York Times - Stephen Holden (11/15/2002)

    Egoyan covers all this territory and more with aplomb and clarity....ARARAT richly rewards those prepared to go the distance.
    Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas (11/15/2002)