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Tigran Mansurian / Anja Lechner
GalleryTigran Mansurian / Anja Lechner

Two years ago, Tigran Mansurian composed a piece for one of the most remarkable cellists in the world, Anja Lechner. It is called Quasi parlando which can be translated as ‘almost speaking’. During the opening concert, the composer will allow the cello not only to sound like the human voice, but to actually replace it. Mansurian and Lechner will play some music that converts the specific intonations and phonetics of the Armenian language into the sounds of instruments. The audience will also have the opportunity to listen to the first juxtaposition of Mansurian’s compositions with those of the second central character of this year’s Nostalgia, Elliott Carter. Qualified among the top ten best contemporary music ensembles at the Gaudeamus Competition in Amsterdam, NeoQuartet will perform the two composers’ respective String Quartets no. 2.

Before the concert, Tigran Mansurian and Anja Lechner, to whom the Armenian composer has dedicated many pieces, will tell the audience about how a composer and performer work together. The meeting will be hosted by musicologist Maria Majewska. You can learn more about Tigran Mansurian from the film Confessing with Music, which tells about the composer’s life, his music and his masters.

On the first nostalgic night you can also watch the film The Colour of Pomegranates. An enigma, a book of secret symbols whose meaning remains a mystery to us living in a different time and culture.  The iconic filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni said about the film: ‘The Colour of Pomegranates is a stunning ideal of beauty. Parajanov, in my opinion, is one of the best directors in the world’.