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For the finale of Nostalgia, the l’Autunno Chamber Orchestra and the Adam Mickiewicz University Choir conducted by Adam Banaszak will perform the Polish premiere of Tigran Mansurian’s Requiem. Both the piece and the films shown tonight at the festival are dedicated to the memory of the victims of the genocide committed on Armenians by Young Turks between 1915 and 1917.

The story to which the Requiem refers will be a starting point of discussion between Tigran Mansurian, conductor Adam Banaszak and music critic Piotr Tkacz, whilst musicologist and curator Antoni Beksiak will conduct a discussion about the works of Tigran Mansurian and other composers of the post-Soviet world.

The Armenian Genocide in which, according to various estimates, from four hundred thousand to a million people were killed, and which forced another several hundred thousand Armenians to leave their country, is the major theme of the films shown this Saturday night. The documentary Screamers depicts the famous alternative metal band System of a Down who, using simple lyrics, shrill riffs and a wall of drums, demand that crimes like this never happen again. In the second film, iArarat, we will see the main character (played by Charles Aznavour) trying to make an epic film about the Armenian Genocide. But the past keeps reflecting itself in the present: the actors and consultants become involved in conflicts, and reality affects the fact-based fiction.

We will also return to Elliott Carter with the orchestra performances of his Sound Fields, a musical experiment conducted by Carter when he was ninety-nine years old, and of Tempo e Tempi, a homage paid by the American composer to Italian culture.