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Workshops about music criticism are organized by the Foundation MEAKULTURA for a students of music and humanities, and all who are passionate about music. Deadline for registered: October 16th, 12:00 am. 

Workshops will create an opportunity for open discussion, confrontation of ideas and will share impressions of the festival events. They will also be encouraged to deepen their own opinions about music and fusing them in the form of text. Each meeting will take different person: cultural studies, Krzysztof Moraczewski and musicologist and music critic, Ewa Schreiber. The subject, referring to the festival program will address the problem of ethnic identity in twentieth-century music, and works by Elliott Carter, with particular emphasis on American and European avant-garde. 

The result of the workshop will be published comments on a regular basis during the festival as well as feature articles and an extensive review published in the journal online MEAKULTURA.PL

The workshops are limited. Applications with CV should be sent to: zapisy@malta-festival.pl  (October 16th, 12:00), in the title of your message "workshops in music criticism from MEAKULTURĄ". On Friday, October 17 will be announced recruitment results. This application relates to participation in two meetings. 

Appointments: 24 and 25 October at 16.00 
Chair: Ewa Schreiber (October 24), Krzysztof Moraczewski (25 October) 
Coordination of the project and editing of texts: Marlena Wieczorek

Workshops will be held in Polish.