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6:00 p.m. Meeting: The Composer and the Performer. A meeting with Anja Lechner and Tigran Mansurian

Maria Majewska will talk to the artists about their experience of working together.


7:00 p.m. Film: Tigran Mansurian: Confessing with Music (dir. Hayk Hambartsum)

The life and work of a composer who looks back to the past


8:30 p.m. Concert: Mansurian / Carter. String

Anja Lechner / Tigran Mansurian / NeoQuartet

Compositions by the two stars of Nostalgia Festival for string quartet and cello. Piano: Tigran Mansurian.

All entrance pass were handed out. Admission free provided seating availability

10:00 p.m. Film: The Colour of Pomegranates (dir. Sarkis Parajanian)

A journey across Armenian culture, its symbols and mysteries


Films and meeting venue: Fundacja Malta, 44 Ratajczaka Street, Arkadia building, 1st floor

Concert venue: Dominican Fathers church, 97/99 Kościuszki Street