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Hugo De Greef / photo Maciej Zakrzewski
GalleryHugo De Greef / photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Jeffrey Tan, Atelier participant from Singapore, said: “This is indeed a rare and unique opportunity to meet and learn from the very experienced mentors and equally rich fellow festival managers and directors. Taking time to stop and reflect, listen and learn, rediscover why I am doing what I am doing and how I am running my festival.”

During the Atelier’s closing session on 26 October, the renowned artistic director Robyn Archer said: “Indeed , this might well be a description of the Atelier where we gather in numbers, truly international, have a surfeit of ideas within a compressed timeframe, and emerge tired but re-energised, some of our positions altered, perhaps just as confused, but certainly not defeated – leaving with a feeling that we are not alone, and almost certainly with hope and some new approaches and strategies.”

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